PIR motion sensor Nano

So in the last attempt to create a low powered PIR sensor I failed due to the power requirements that the D1 mini needed. previous

My 18650 battery started at 4.2V the D1 mini needed 5v same with the PIR sensor, as the battery was depleted the voltage was also decreased, so the whole project was a little unreliable.

I was planning to move away from wifi sensor so I have built using another version of this project using an arduino nano. But most importantly moved away from WIFI this project is using radio (specifically 433mhz).

This time I have included a DC-DC step up to ensure the board gets the required 5v.

The receiver is a D1 mini with a 433mhz receiver. This receives the signal sent form the nano converts the message to MQTT and sends to my node-red server.

I have placed the sensor in the dining room and will monitor the battery over the next few days. I am also logging each trigger with a date/time stamp.

Depending on how this goes I will then use an arduino pro for the lowest power consumption board, for the final sensor project.

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