An Open University student in the UK .

Aspiring to be a computer software developer.

The logical choice is the UK Open University

In order to get this started I have began a Honours Degree in computing and I.T. with the Open university in the UK, this was the choice I made because I am full time employed (standard call center work) and want to stay employed whilst I study.

Though my years I have investigated in many programming languages from C#, Java and Python, unfortunately I have never completed a complete learning of any of these languages, within the Open University Java could be replaced with Python by the time I get around to study that particular module.

The sign up process was really simple as I am not taking any student finance ,I’m more of a pay per module student as I would not like to deal with student debt at my age.

I plan on turning this website into a more CV type of online profile once I have completed my studies.

BSc (Honours) Computing and IT – Learning outcomes

Side Note: outlookme.eu was created for my personal email address because I was fed up with free email accounts, spam, marketing and malware infected emails, with my own domain I was able to create my own exchange rules to keep unwanted emails away.