Roborock s6

So my newest edition to the smart home family is a Roborock s6. It took me a little while to research all of the mid tier robot vacuum cleaners, as currently there is a lot of variety.

I have chosen the Roborock due to good amount of reviews for performance for € and the ability to integrate into my smart home.

Of course the robot comes with its own app for mobiles and tablets which you can then use to set schedules and control the robot to clean rooms. But I found that I wanted to put buttons on rooms, so if you are in the kitchen you can just press a smart button which will inform the robot to clean that room.

I found Aqara smart buttons a perfect fit, these buttons have click, double click and long click. The communicate using ZigBee.

I was able to add all of this functionality to Home Assistant with relevant easy.

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