A student at the Open University.

When I have a problem I actually only have a challenge. I will challenge myself to find a solution.  – Richard Cook

A university for the full time employed -> The logical choice is the UK Open University

In order to get started, I have begun a BSc (Honours) Computing and IT (Software) with the Open University in the UK. This was the choice I made because I am full time employed (standard call centre work) and want to stay employed whilst I study.

Though my years I have investigated in many programming languages from C#, Java and Python. Unfortunately, I have never completed a complete learning of any of these languages.

With the Open University, I will complete a study of programming languages Java, Python and Javascript including also web technologies as HTML5 and CSS.

  • Java is the main Object Orientated language we will use.
  • Python is used in our algorithm module.
  • Javascript, HTML5 and CSS will be studied in our web technologies module.

Full learning outcomes can be found on this link: BSc (Honours) Computing and IT – Learning outcomes

My modules at a glance

Credits on module details below are noted in the UK credit education system. For EU divide by 2.

UK levels define the difficulty of the module. So in a 3 year degree there are 3 levels: Year 1 level 1, Year 2 level 2 and Year 3 level 3.

October 2022 Start:

The module below:

  • Level 3.
  • Credits: 30
  • Course: TM470 The computing and IT project
  • The final module which will be a software project.


  • 2021 Credits: 30 Course: TM354 Software engineering link
  • 2021 Credits: 30 Course: TM351 Data management and analysis link
  • 2020 Credits: 30 Course: TM352 Web, mobile and cloud technologies – link
  • 2020 Credits: 30 Course: Algorithms, data structures and computability (M296) – link
  • 2019 Credits: 30 Course: Web technologies (TT284) – link
  • 2018 Credits: 30 Course: Software development with Java (M256) – link
  • 2017 Credits: 30 Course: Discovering mathematics (MU123) – link
  • 2017 Credits: 30 Course: Object-oriented Java programming (M250) – link
  • 2017 Credits: 60 Course: My digital life (TU100) – link
  • 2017 Credits: 30 Course: Technologies in practice (TM129) – link

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