During my studies of robotics, I have become interested in Microcontrollers these amazing little devices that repeat a task over and over again.

I purchased a starter kit from Amazon popularity pointed me towards Arduino, I also purchased a 37 sensor kit to play with.

Since my original purchase, I noticed that using a microcontroller without any networking ability is not what I wanted. I then started to look at “Internet Of Things” (IoT) this evolves a microcontroller having networking ability and either control or posting data to a server/webpage. This is where my interest has landed me.

This page is to allow me to share projects and ideas.

Also, one to note my plan is to add microcontrollers and sensors to my actual house, upstairs I will be renovating in 2018 so I am using this year to plan my projects.

My chosen weapon of choice is the ESP8266 CH340G V3 Wireless WIFI Internet Development Board NodeMcu Lua:


Main reasons for choice because of the Wireless 802.11 b/g/n standard

Now we have WiFi the IoT potential is enormous.


CH340G ESP8266

Of the top of my head, I can’t remember the official provider of these boards as I purchase my microcontrollers from China.

I currently reside in German, this board will be anything between €10 -> €20. From China, I paid about €4 per board inc shipping. Just need to wait a little while for delivery, it is not to bad if you plan in advance.

Added December 2017

So after playing with this mighty fun microcontroller, I have learnt that I need 5 volts for my relay switches the NodeMcu only providing a 3.3v output has now disappointed me.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel I have now switched to a WeMos D1 mini

Purchased for as little as €2.50 each from China.