My digital life study guide

Module-Start review form

Why do this?

It’s important to think about your reasons for studying
at the beginning of each module you take as this will
affect your approach. Recording them will help you to
devise coping strategies and enable you to review your
aims and monitor your progress.
  1. Why did you choose this module?

I chose the TU100 as it is a compulsory module to the Computing and IT
degree (it was not optional), I will complete this question with more
“Why did I choose Computing and IT”. I have always had a passion for
computers and have started several online free courses to find out how
they work but never found the correct training to complete. I chose
this course because I want to be a computer programmer.

  1. How is your module structured?

Have a look through the contents and index pages to get a sense of how your
module is structured. Check the learning outcomes (or objectives) of your
module. These are usually found in the module guide or at the front of each
module. Although they will probably look quite daunting at the moment, they
will give you some idea of what you will be able to get out of the module.
Jot down a few notes on what you would particularly like to achieve. This
will help you to prioritise and find a focus for your learning.

  • Block 1 – What is the internet / WWW, how to publish information, who
    can publish information.
  • Block 2 –  Beginning of understanding programming (start using “Sense”).
  • Block 3 –  Internet – Collaboration – Ubiquitous (need to learn to spell
    that) computing – more Sense programming.
  • Block 4 – Social aspects – live communications.
  • Block 5 –  Society prospective of data – basically Government, single,
    technical, commercial and ethical
  • Block 6 – Digital divide countries that are tech advanced vs not, rich
    vs poor and old vs young.
  1. Do you have any issues or concerns about studying?

Are there any issues about studying that you will need to take account of
and perhaps share with your tutor? (For example, there might be constraints
on your time or you might have concerns about the assignments.) Note them

Maths – Journal – Referencing online martial including books, links.


Keep this in your study folder so that you can refer back to it when
you do your Mid-module review.

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